why Installation Failure of Skype on windows XP

Published: 04th November 2011
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I have Dell E6410 laptop and demanding to set up Skype 5.0 when it is operating Windows XP Pro SP3. I get an installation error when installing Skype on my laptop. I guess the download setup seems well. So when you run the installation after installation begins and runs all the way through 3 screens of progress prior to it stops. I use Skype dreadfully soon, so please help me how to solve this by giving possible solutions to it so I can use the same soon.

I was having the same problem previously when I was trying to install Skype on my computer. I even had made such query on many forums and after that I got the solution to it. You just have to try to have full version of Skype. I donít think that there would be problem other than this. I have found that many people directly think that it is an operating system problem. But before considering this just have full version of it and then setup the same.

Yes definitely you should go for full version of Skype and then install it on your laptop. When you try this you should see that you are having administrator privileges on your laptop. If you are not having so, then I guess this would be the reason for the installation failure. It would be better if you specify here the exact error you are getting on your laptop. Just mention the error while you are getting during the Skype installation.

Well thanks for giving a reply here. As you all said tried to have full version of Skype and the things were same. When I start the installation then it stops and I get an error popup with heading Problem with Shortcut. The description mentioned was fatal error during installation. Thus the installation doesnít proceeds ahead when I say OK to that dialog. I have also tried to setup the installation using administrator rights of my laptop.

Well this is the proper information that you have mentioned by reposting here. As you have tried the most possible solutions that were given here. The next thing I suggest you to check whether your directory is having the installation directory. When you are trying to install the Skype setup on your laptop, then it makes an installation folder most probably on your system drive. It is needed that setup makes that directory on your laptop, so that you can use this software.

I would say that just try to install the Skype setup again on your laptop. I guess that trying it multiple times you would be able to get Skype working on your laptop. If you get the same problem by trying out installation several times then first just uninstall the Skype. Just ensure that you use Add remove program of windows, so that it would uninstall it completely. Sometimes it doesnít uninstall completely then you should try to use some advanced uninstaller which is best at their work.

I think that Skype setup fails because of some security software which is installed on your laptop. So just check for this software, probably any firewall or antivirus. Just disable their services and then setup the Skype again. It may work, else you should look for the registry editor and see the entry of Skype and remove all those entries and then again install it. I hope that this solution would work and probably solve your problem of installation failure.

Facilitate the installation of the application that Skype 5.0 in safe mode. There is a way through which you can make the work being conceded out certain procedures that will be better. You may necessitate to log on to the computer with a user account that has administrator rights. Now after the installation of the application just exit Safe Mode, restart your computer and permit Windows start normally. So watch out and make it work, it is useful.

why Installation Failure of Skype on windows XP

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